Online Services - Account Request

Request an Online Services Account

North Sydney Council provides innovative online access to Council information for Residents. The Online Service Transaction Centre is part of the Council’s commitment to innovation and accessibility, providing residents quick and easy access to many services such as rates payments and certificate requests.

Currently, residents can:

  • Pay rate accounts
  • Request a 149 (Land Information) Certificate
  • Request a 603 (Rating) Certificate
  • Check the status of planning applications
  • Contact Council on various issues

In order to access some information such as rate balances and to request certificates, it is necessary for you to become a registered user of our Online Services. Becoming a registered user helps to both protect your privacy and make your online transactions secure.

To become a registered Online Services user there are two steps you need to take;

Step 1 - Pre-Registration
Complete the request for a new user account. By completing the request for an account you are agreeing to North Sydney Council's terms of use.

Step 2 - Proof of Identity
So that we can validate your request, we need you to visit North Sydney Council at 200 Miller Street North Sydney with supporting documentation.

Once registered you will be issued with a username and password that will provide you with full access to all of eServices functionality.

If you are already a user please login